Respect for the planet that hosts us is a duty and keeping it clean is not a utopia.
And we firmly believe it!

This has driven us to choose to use mainly natural materials such as wood.
No, not the purchased wood from some felled tree, the wood we use is the one that has already been used and then thrown away.
First of all the “driftwood”, wood patiently consumed and smoothed by the incessant force of the sea that we find on the beaches. Driftwood is unique and brings with it a story, it has something to tell, it takes a shape given by the sea, the shape that suggests to us the kind of object it will become.

What we do is to give a “second life” to that wood which, after a short use for a packaging or a broken branch, ends up in the sea.

But we don’t just recycle wood.

We try to use mainly natural materials, fabrics like linen or cotton from old shirts or sheets, corks, fruit seeds like avocado and coconut to rusty nails and bolts.

In addition, in the manufacture of our products, we use water-based glues and paints and no thinner paint, chemical solvents or plastics.