Jardín del Mar

it’s gift ideas and home decor with inspiration from coastal cottages with marine, shabby chic and vintage style.
We make old school marine/beach signs and vintage travel holidays signs and posters.
Our products are all handmade out of wood, driftwood and recycled materials.

A second life.

It was 2013 when the desire to change and start a new life, pushed us to leave our Italy, a year later, with destination Lanzarote, the wonderful island of the Canaries.
With its volcanic energy, the power of the ocean waves, the strength of the wind and the warm climate all year round, Lanzarote kidnapped our hearts becoming a strong inspiration and spur for our creativity and our passions: the sea, nature and art.
Here we were able to express ourselves by changing our work experience and creative skills, in the project "Jardín del Mar".

With driftwood, recycled wood and waste materials, we have created handmade "home decor" objects inspired by the marine, nautical, naturalistic world, with shabby chic style of romantic houses and cottages on the sea, the "aged" look and Vintage / retro taste.

We like the idea of giving a "second life" to a broken branch found on the beach and to a lot of wood, which, after a short use for a packaging or a platform for transporting goods, ends up in the sea or as a carpenter's scrap. From here we create unique works, with a shape sometimes suggested by nature, which become pretty furnishing objects.

We got the "Carnet de Artesanía" from the Lanzarote Government as contemporary artisans, which have allows us to be present in the artisan markets of Haría and Teguise, rich in Lanzarote's culture, creativity and art.

What made us happier, however, is to see how much our products have been appreciated!
To know that all over Europe, in many houses, maybe even in cold areas, there is the warmth of one of our products hanging on a wall or resting on a piece of furniture.
To know that whoever owns that object, has with them a part of Lanzarote, a memory of a beautiful vacation, a part of us, of Jardín del Mar.

Barbara e Maurizio